Message from President

As we all know, the way to achieve the goal of transcending the contemporary civilization level, which was the vision set during the foundation of Turkish Republic, passes from a strong industry sector based on information and technology. Therefore, the common efforts and successes of industrialists shall not be considered as individual initiatives, but national issues. We sustain our efforts with this faith.

Energy, treatment, transportation, road, landscaping, security infrastructure of our zone have improved a lot in the last years and we believe these will serve as a blueprint.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone is the first OIZ that houses a vocational high school within its premises and was awarded as the greenest and the most environmental-friendly OIZ. It is also the first OIZ in Turkey which produced 100,000 seasonal flowers in its own greenhouse and distributed these flowers to the industrialists free of charge.

The Board competes only with itself to provide high quality infrastructure and superstructure services for the industrialists that operate within our Industrial Zone. We continue our efforts to provide high quality, continuous and uninterrupted service with low costs to be able to offer the industrialists that operate in our zone good conditions for competition.

The esteemed industrialists of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone does not only help our region to develop with their success stories, but also invested in the future of Turkey by achieving exportation and providing employment. That is the reason why all industrialists deserve all kinds of appreciation. The facilities located within Antalya Organized Industrial Zone started a new chapter in the development of Antalya.

All these improvements are results of the projects achieved with the mentality to provide service through official and legal procedures and by considering the issues from the perspectives of industrialists.

We are an Organized Industrial Zone considered as a model in Turkey; therefore, we proudly welcome our guests in our Zone having the right to say "This is Antalya; and here is the industrial centre of Antalya". The power and pride are not only the results of current achievements. They come from our past, previous Presidents, previous Board Members, members of the Board of Enterprise and senior industrialists. We sustain our efforts to improve this treasure we are given and shape the industry vision in Antalya with the same passion and enthusiasm.


Ali Bahar

Antalya Organised Industrial Zone

Acting President of the Board of Enterprise