Antalya Organized Industrial Zone

The practice of having Organized Industrial Zones around the world started with “Trafford Park” in the UK in 1896. The first countries to host Organized Industrial Zones were the advanced industrialist countries like Britain and the United States of America.

Organized Industrial Zones have been considered and used as one of the most significant instruments of increasing exportation by the countries that have adopted the export-based development strategy. These zones are used in order to increase employment and trade in the shape of “Export Products Processing Zones” based on production in developing countries and as “Free Trade Zones” based on trade in developed countries.

In years following the Second World War, Organized Industrial Zones have increased in number very fast after they have been acknowledged as an important instrument for increasing the exportation of developing countries.

The most significant development related to the foundation of Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey was the application of “Planned Development” scheme in 1960. Today, there are 316 Organized Industrial Zones in our country.

It was decided to establish an Organized Industrial Zone in Antalya in 1976 with the Decision of the Cabinet dated 09.06.1976 and numbered 7/12106 under the leadership of Antalya Trade and Industry Chamber. It is one of the first Organized Industrial Zones of Turkey to have been established by identifying the site and borders.

The Zone is located 26 km from city center, 25 km from Akdeniz University, 35 km from Antalya Port and 40 km from the Airport. Moreover, there is railway access in Burdur that is located 90 km from the Zone.

The Organized Industrial Zone of Antalya features 328 various industrial parcels including the ones pending registration on an area of 692 hectares that is divided as 1st Part: 198 Ha, 2nd Part: 186 Ha, Expansion Area No. 1: 84 Ha, Expansion Area No. 2: 194 Ha and Expansion Area
No. 3: 30 Ha.

The Entrepreneur Committee, which is chaired by Antalya Governor and that has been established within its own administrative structure serving the Organized Industrial Zone directly with the purpose of minimizing the bureaucracy and preventing loss of time, consists of 5 members from Antalya Trade and Industry Chamber, 1 member from Ministry of Investment Tracing and Coordination and 8 members from our Industrialists with a total number of 15. The Entrepreneur Committee is the biggest decision making body of the Zone. The Board that consists of 5 members selected from the Entrepreneur Committee and the Supervisory Board that consists of 2 members make decisions in any kind of financial, administrative and technical subject related to the Zone and ensure execution and supervision.

As one of the most important centers of World and Turkish tourism sector, it was a must to have industrial investments to support tourisms sector in ANTALYA as well. Being a natural wonder with its thousands of years old open air museums, natural beauties, sun and sea, the city’s needs have been taken into account and environment friendly industrial types have been selected. It is the objective of the Zone to produce, allocate, check the construction and operation phases and to ensure development of the industrial parcels whose infrastructure has been completed with a low cost by bringing all industrial investments together.

When the financial and logistics advantages of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone are brought together with the natural advantages of the city, the investment environment turns into a very important and low-cost venue for investors. Having reached 100 % occupancy ratio in respect of the allocated parcel, there are 272 active companies in the Zone.

Total of investments that have been implemented in our Organized Industrial Zone up to now has reached 200 million USD.
The main industries that are active in our industrial zone, which tries to ensure environment friendly business in harmony with the touristic texture of Antalya, can be listed as Agriculture, Food, Wood-Furniture, Paper-Packaging, Agriculture-Fertilizer-Chemistry, Machinery-Metal- Energy, Plastics-Polyester-Acrylic, Textil and Construction-Building.

Being an important center for local and foreign investors, the direct employment that has been created by Antalya Organized Industrial Zone has reached 13.000 persons while the trade volume has reached 8 billion TL and exportation to 700 million USD. Increasing its contribution in the economy each day, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone is one of the top 5 zones of Turkey with its investment, employment, production figures low infrastructure services and environment friendly features.

Our Zone is capable of competing with all developed Organized Industrial Zones of our country with its electricity, operation, maintenance, natural gas, potable-utilization water, landscaping and regression, sewage and waste water treatment facility, mud return sludge pumping station, fire brigade, communication, staff lodging houses, security roads, PTT Branc, shopping center – stores, mosque and workshop and it is capable of offering any kind of service.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone is located right next to EU and Middle East markets and many Turkish industrial products can be used both domestically and enter EU market.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone possesses TS.EN-ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate and the services that are delivered to our Industrialists have been registered.

Our services include attaining perfection in universal quality standards, keeping the satisfaction of our participants with the differences that we are going to create and to create brands by establishing an exemplary OIZ (Organized Industrial Zone) with our innovative understanding in the light of experiences of the past.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone attaches particular importance to humanity and environment as a major project and ambition that has been realized with the purpose of contributing to country’s and region’s economy.

The Zone ensures continuity of high-quality services in all periods with the preparation of premises and social activity areas for all staff with any kind of infrastructure that is needed for industry on lands that are not suitable for agriculture and tourism.

It is our principal duty to keep the expectations and requirements of our industrial companies at the priority level with delivering such expectations and requirements in a high-quality, fast and reliable manner.

Thanks to our experienced and highly-qualified human resources, we are targeting at reaching the top level all the time with our projects that have always made difference and also adding value to the investments of our customers by maintaining the “exemplary OIZ” image.

It is our responsibility to demonstrate the respect for humanity and environment while producing services, to achieve certain works that will contribute to the economic and cultural development in the region with the awareness of social responsibility and to invest in our young generation. Our main principles are acting in accordance with laws, respectful of moral values and maintaining our reliability by transparent service concept.

Our target is to provide high added value investments to our region while working under the philosophy of respect for humanity and environment to increase the solidarity and cooperation between the companies to make Antalya Organized Industrial Zone one of the most important and profitable investment centers of Turkey.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Board