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Directorate of Development and Technical Works


Directorate of Reconstruction and Science Affairs; To issue construction permits, building permit and workplace opening-work licenses, check and approve progress reports prepared by building inspection firms and issue payment orders, 

Administration of title deed sales and transfer, coordinating of transactions in land registry, preparation of zoning plans, parceling plans and modification files, managing the approval processes of our Ministry, Governorate, Land Registry, Cadastre Directorate, municipalities and authorized administrations. 

All sub-structures and superstructures within our Regional Directorate; supervising and supervising the construction, tender and construction phases, 

Our company carries out all kinds of correspondence related to the parcel, construction and facilities of the industrialists, coordinating the work and transactions and making the correspondence related to their plots and carrying out the transactions and carrying out the transactions in accordance with their demands. 



- Dairy and dairy products, 

- Flour and bakery products, 

- Pasta, Semolina, Biscuit industry, 

- Soft drinks, Aroma, Jam industry, 

- Integrated meat and meat products (Salam-sucuk) industry, 

- Canned industry ( Vegetable, fish) 

- Vacuum, frozen and packed food industry, 

- Feed industry, 

- Beer and Malt industry, 

- Confectionery, Chocolate industry,


- Integrated Weaving industry, - Yarn industry, - Garment and Knitting industry, - Carpet and Kilim Weaving industry, 


CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: (except raw material production, mixture and packaging) 

- Liquid and Powder Cleaning Materials industry,

 - Shampoo, Soap and Perfume industry, 

- Liquid and Organic Fertilizer industry, 

- Auto Oil and Fuel Additives industry, 

- Colorful Plaster, Acrylic Paint industry, 

- Synthetic, Cellulosic and Water Based Paint industry, 


- Plastic Packaging Industry, 

- Plastic Injection Tooling and Various Products Industry, 

- Plastic Greenhouse Cover, Bag, Bag Industry, 

- Floor Tile and Linoleum Industry, 

- Plastic Profile, Pipe, Hose Industry, 

- Cable Industry,


- Metal goods industry, 

- Agricultural Appliances industry, 

- Construction tools and materials industry, 

- Wire, Cage, Nails, Bolts industry, 

- Bikes, Prams, Prams industry, 

- Boiler, Boiler, Booster, Water Liquidation etc. industry, 

- Electrical and non-electric appliances industry, 

- Electronic Appliances industry, 

- Sports and Hunting Equipment industry, 

- Human and Freight Lifts industry, 

- Metal and plastic Car spare parts Manufacturing industry, 

GLASS INDUSTRY: (Except Raw Material Production) 

- Glass Manufacturing Industry, 

- Auto Glass Manufacturing Industry, 

- Glass Products and Glass Products Industry, 

- Optical Glass and Optical Measuring Instruments Industry, 


- Decorative Ceramic and Porcelain industry, 

- AG and OG Insulators industry, 

- Ready Plaster Mineral Plaster industry, 


- Wood Furniture industry, 

- Wood Decoration Product industry, 

- Press Door - Joinery 

- Wood Flooring industry, 

- Plywood 

- Particle board industry, 

- Wood veneer industry, 

- Wood Packaging industry,


- Paper and Paperboard Packaging and Printing industry, 

- Building Insulation Materials industry, 

- Shoe industry, - Rope, Twine, Urgan industry, 

- Notebook, Stationery Materials industry, 

- Wood-Fiberglass Yacht

-Boat industry, 

Not Allowed Sectors (1) In OSBs, the following facilities cannot be installed: 

a) In mixed and specialized OSBs; 

1) Crude oil refineries, 

2) Plants where coal or bituminous fluids are liquefied and gasified, 

3) Liquefied petroleum gas filling and storage facilities, 

4) Cement plants, concrete plants, cement klingeri producing plants, 

5) Nuclear power plants and other nuclear reactors, 

6) Facilities for the storage, disposal and treatment of radioactive wastes and similar radioactive waste facilities, 

7) Facilities for the production or enrichment of nuclear fuels, 

8) Recycling facilities of industrial qualified, bilge and similar wastewater, 

9) Permitted to be established by OSB in accordance with the positive opinion of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization; re-refining used oil and / or other 
any other type of waste, except for those whose use is converted into a final product, such as re-use of metal, plastic, wood, nylon, rubber, rubber, paper, cardboard, glass, yarn and the like; plants for recycling, decomposition, incineration, gasification, chemical treatment, final and / or intermediate storage and / or landfilling.


b) In mixed OSBs;

1) Facilities where flammable / explosive / caustic substances are produced, stored and filled, 

2) Petrochemical complexes, 

3) Production of closed process, gas or liquid fuel and dust sources, except for plants using filter systems; brick and tile factories, coal washing lime, plaster 

and sanding plants, 

4) Chlorine-alkaline plants, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorine and so on producing chemical substances, nitrogen industry and fertilizer factories integrated with this industry, 

5) Facilities for the production of raw materials for pesticides, 

6) Asbestos, asbestos-containing products processing or transformed facilities, 

7) Raw leather processing, paddock and only animal slaughtering facilities, 

8) Crushing and grinding plants such as talc, barite, calcite, antimony, etc. (2) OIZ; In the OIZs, it is necessary to consider the effects of the above-mentioned facilities and the sectors which are planned to be established within the framework of the establishment protocol of the OIZ, the environmental impacts arising from the operation of the facility, the effects on the infrastructure and wastewater treatment plants, the immediate effect of any negativity, the effect of people on the working and living conditions. taking into account the establishment of the other facilities that the company considers to be inconvenient in the establishment, within the framework of the reports to be taken from the universities and related institutions. 



The participants who were allocated land in our region; 

• For those who pay the sales price in advance or for the remaining debts of the sale price, 

• Notarized undertakings indicating that they will participate in other investments to be made for OSB without objection, 

In case of the production of the facility by the construction of the "Vefa right" without annotation, * If the facility does not go into production, the "Right of Right" annotation is placed, unencumbered deeds are given. 

In case the title of ”Right of Right ı has been annulled to the participants and the title deed is given, the annotation of the esi eligibility of AOSB hi shall be required in the transfer of the real estate to the 3rd persons including the executive sales.


1) If the installments are not paid at the due date, T.C. The Central Bank imposes a penalty on the interest rate applied to short-term rediscount and advance transactions. 
2) The OSB may extend the installment payment period to a maximum of 6 months, provided that the penalty is imposed in writing within 2 months from the date of maturity of the participant. In case the payment delay period of the participant who does not submit a written application or whose request is not accepted exceeds 3 months, the land allocated to the participant is taken back except the cases of force majeure. 
3) The participant cannot claim any compensation due to the withdrawal of the land. 
4) In case the parcel is withdrawn from the participant, the land is calculated without paying any interest and similar rights to the land allocation fee payments made up to that point by the participant and it is paid to the budget in the first fiscal year at the latest as of the date of withdrawal. 


1) Regarding the land allocated; a) Not having the building license approved by the OSB for the projects to be realized within 1 year after the allocation date, b) Not going into production within 2 years following the construction license date, c) According to the Regulation on Environmental Impact Assessment, eleri Not subject to Environmental Impact Assessment tarih,) Environmental 

2) In the event of force majeure, the allocation to participants who do not require an Impact Assessment 3 or mad Environmental Impact Assessment is positive emek shall be canceled by the board of directors. 

3) In case of force majeure these periods may be extended by not exceeding 2 years. The approval date of the 1/1000 scale parceling plan is taken as basis.



1) The right of withdrawal of the parcels purchased by the exhibitors shall be annotated. 

2) Land plots allocated or sold to the participants may not be used in any way other than the purpose of allocation. 

3) These plots shall not be sold, transferred or assigned by the participants or their heirs without the full payment of the debt and the facility being put into production. This issue is annotated to the land registry. The Ministry is authorized to take the measures to prevent the transfer of the land and the transfer of the right to property by means of speculative transactions and the sale of the land before the payment of the debt and the establishment of the facility. 

4) In case of liquidation of the company which is allocated or sold, it is possible to transfer the right of allocation to the partner or its partners carrying the participant's qualification. The Ministry is authorized to take the necessary measures according to the result of the examination of whether the transactions in this area are collusive or not. 

5) In case of sale of real estates shown as collateral by the OIZ and therefore decided to be sold or decided to sell because of the debts of the participants; Provided that the Ministry and OIZ receivables are paid firstly, sales can be made to the buyers or credit creditor organizations which have the qualifications stipulated in the establishment protocol of OIZ. Participation qualifications are included in the sales announcements. 

6) In the event that the immovables are sold to the creditors, the creditors are obliged to sell the real estate to the real or legal persons who have the qualifications specified in the establishment protocol of the OIZ only within 2 years or to the real or legal persons of the same nature. 

7) In case of non-compliance with the prohibitions in this respect, the land shall be allocated and sold to another participant at the date of allocation or sale, regardless of who is at the disposal of the land.

8) In case of transfer or sale after receiving the buyer's title and supplying the facility; In the contract to be made with the new buyer, the OIZ has the right to remove the provisions in the contract with the first buyer or to set new provisions. 



Although the participant has deposited the cash payment and has paid the annual installments, he can demand the land allocation costs back at the beginning of the construction period or by giving up the land parcel purchase at any time after the construction starts. The OSB shall return the sum of the land allocation fees the participant has deposited until that day. The said money shall be paid in the budget in the first fiscal year from the date of the land take-back. Apart from this, the participant cannot claim any interest or compensation. In this way, participants who give up their money by giving up the land can not have any priority rights if they apply again.