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Directorate of Parks and Gardens


Directorate of Parks and Gardens, AOSB Directorate within the boundaries of all kinds of parks and gardens, intersection and central refugees, arrangement of green areas in the region (park, car park, social facilities, etc.) In a programatic way, it aims to improve the services carried out every year and to ensure the planning and construction of its activities. 

2.1 Green areas, ie parks, squares, recreation areas, pedestrian path and zone (refugees, sidewalks), parking areas, sports areas etc. design, implementation and maintenance. 

2.2. Performs the necessary planning, design and applications for environmental pollution (weather, water, visual and noise pollution), land degradation, repair of deteriorated areas and improvement of environmental quality. To determine and supply suitable plant species against environmental pollution and to implement them and to carry out afforestation activities in this direction. 

2.3 Concerning landscape engineering services; irrigation, lighting, drainage, waste disposal, grading activities such as coordinated executes. 

2.4 In line with the needs within the region; According to the zoning plan, all kinds of landscape structural (roads, ponds, garden equipment, etc.) and vegetative projects, design, implementation and detail drawings. Determines the list of materials to be used, provides supply. Provides the necessary preparations for the supply of materials and provides approval. It coordinates all preparations up to application and application stage. Enables the application of the project to the land. In order to maintain the continuity of the areas ending the application; In order to perform the maintenance program, the necessary needs (personnel, medicine, fertilizer, business machine tools and equipment) to determine and provide the necessary operations. 

2.5 In the construction of landscaping within the boundaries of the region and preparation of the tender dossier in case of purchase of materials, follow-up and enforcement of work; is responsible for editing the progress file

2.6 Regulation by determining the type of area to be (intersections, medians, the navigation areas, playgrounds etc.) studies necessary for the scope of the arrangement of project detail plans to work in a manner coordinated with the departments concerned, to write an email application on land or make. 

2.7 Provides the production of greenhouse for seasonal and perennial plant production required for the region. It provides the application of the produced plants to the field. 

2.8 Irrigation of green areas, pergolas, benches, luminaires, trash cans, etc. allows installation. 

2.9 It is responsible for the transportation of trees in compulsory cases. 

2:10 to requests from public institutions and organizations, is conducting studies to help within the directorate. 

2.11 To provide necessary plant soil and fertilizers for park and green areas. To provide seedlings from nurseries and to plan and maintain them. Carrying out lawn cultivation, form and maintenance. To prepare and apply a periodic program for irrigation of all green areas. timely pruning of tree pruning, cutting dryness, carry out maintenance work such as removal knockdown. Plant diseases and pests against the agricultural struggle. Our tools needed about 

2:12 Directorate, purchase and maintenance of equipment and to conduct research with the identification of the machine; existing vehicles and machines found to work. 

2:13 prepares the annual budget and investment plans 

2.14 vaccines environmental awareness to the citizens. 

2.15 Provides coordination between the Directorate of Parks and Gardens and other directorates.

2.16 Performing division of duties among sub-unit authorities; replaces sub-unit officials who are separated due to reasons such as leave, sickness and withdrawal, and take the necessary measures for the assignment of another person and the failure of services. 

2.17 Regulation of personnel secret records; monitoring of all kinds of personal and social rights; to establish cooperation with the relevant organizations and units. 

2.18 It organizes the work of the directorate services in a planned and scheduled manner, ensures a harmonious cooperation environment between the personnel and monitors and supervises the work. 

2.19 In order to increase the efficiency of the work, it ensures that laws, administrative and general judicial decisions and related publications are purchased, subscribed, and staffed by them. 

2.20 Determining the working principles and procedures of the Directorate and ensuring that the studies are carried out in accordance with these programs. 

2.21 Provides timely and accurate fulfillment of all works and transactions within the body of the Directorate. 

2.22 Arrange and ensure the annual planning of the personnel. 

2.23 Providing regular information and consultation meetings with the staff regarding the work of the Directorate of Parks and Gardens shall ensure that these meetings are informed to the Regional Manager. 

2.24 Takes security measures for staff working in park construction or on roads

2.25 Determining the duties of the technical staff together with the chief of the park gardens. 

2.26 Provision of contract, progress payments and accruals of the persons or organizations doing business as contractor. 

2.27 To make and implement annual and monthly programs for the maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of existing parks, centers and green areas. 

2.28 Creating a research program for the efficiency of staff; to organize courses and seminars, to participate in seminars. 

2,29 The directorate is fully authorized and responsible. 

2.30 He is responsible for the management, discipline and discipline of the Directorate of Gardens. 

2.31 Performs the success and performance evaluation of staff working in the Directorate of Park Gardens. 

2.32 Not specified above; To perform all other duties assigned by the Board of Directors, the Regional Manager and the Assistant Regional Manager.