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Directorate of Education and Quality


The Directorate of Education and Quality has started its activities in April 2015 within the scope of our Regional Directorate. was established at the right time, in the right place, with the right instructors and to provide quality education services at the right costs. During the years of training services, 3791 people have actively benefited from education services and 4846 certificates have been distributed to the regional employees as a result of their successful participation. 

The Training and Quality Department, which sets out with the fact that the existence in a competitive environment passes through the investment made in human education, that efficiency and efficiency are; In order to make its lifelong education dream come true and ensure sustainable productivity, it has organized 126 training programs in two years in the fields of personal development and vocational technical education. 38 training consultancy firms and 86 instructors took part in 126 training programs. 

The training programs carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, the Turkish Standards Institute and private education institutions are shaped as a result of the participant demands and the service quality of the service is measured statistically. 


To carry out activities in a systematic way for planning, implementing and evaluating training programs within the Antalya OIZ and within the Regional Directorate, 

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System is to carry out the process follow-up activities regularly and to ensure the continuity of the participant satisfaction. 


Providing services to the region with a high quality approach in order to contribute to the personal development of the regional employees and managers, to increase their work motivation, to reach international developments and information about their professions, to follow and follow the developments in the world standards.

As a company with TS EN ISO 9001 certificate, it is our main purpose to ensure that all services provided to the region are presented within the framework of quality standards, focused on the satisfaction of the participants, and systematically assuring the improvement and improvement of the process. The general goal in our training and quality assurance service offerings is based on our mission of Regional Directorate; to contribute to corporate, sectoral and regional development with realistic, planned, pioneering studies.