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Natural Gas and Machinery Management


Managing all regional participants and organizations natural gas infrastructure and subscriptions. 

Managing all participants mechanical projects, fire installations, etc. checks and the suitability of its applications and ensures its availability. 

Our firefighting department (including search & rescue and ambulance) carries out firefighting certificate, fire training and exercise activities for our industrialists except fires and various incidents (accidents, etc.).

Construction of natural gas network was started in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in early 2005 and as a service to our industrialists who want to use natural gas by giving gas to the system as of April 2006. The natural gas network was completed in 2010 and the natural gas infrastructure was completed in 2011.

The region's natural gas network consists of 9,315 meters of steel and 42,400 meters of polyethylene lines with various diameters. There are 6 active RMS-B Pressure Reducing and Metering Station and 3 spare RMS-B Station sites on this system.

BOTAŞ currently has an RMS-A station of 30,000 m³ / h in order to meet our consumption, and in the future, 70,000 m³ / h take-of valve, including development areas, has been left. 

With the RMS-B stations established in our regional network, the gas is injected into the polyethylene network by reducing the pressure to 3-4 bar and it is offered to the use of our industrialists. RMS-C type pressure reduction and measuring stations must be installed in industrial parcels according to the usage requirement of natural gas left at a pressure of 3-4 bar. 

There are 73 natural gas subscribers in our region. These subscribers use natural gas for Proses and Nuhar.

Mechanical installation, fire installation project controls and mechanical installation controls of the constructions built by our region are carried out. 

Fire Department 1 Chief, 3 Drivers 7 Fire Extinguishing Team, 24-hour shifts are working continuously. Ford Cargo In addition to our 18 m hydraulic ladder fire truck with 10 tons of water capacity, Mercedes Axor 2523 CD brand; 8 tons of water, 500 lt foam, 250 kg dry powder capacity and 12 mt hydraulic ladder with the new fire truck equipment continues to serve. 

Fire extinguishing exercises are carried out upon requests from factories in our region. 

A forest fire pool with a capacity of 550 tons has been constructed in the 2nd level in order to intervene in fires by airborne helicopters. 

There are 206 fire hydrants integrated into the drinking water network in our region.

In order to make our fire fighting activity more efficient and more effective, the construction of our new fire brigade has been completed with four modern vehicles and four modern equipment. 

The coordination of the Natural Disaster Response Team (DAMT) established within our region is also provided by the Natural Gas and Machinery Management Directorate. DAMT has completed its training on Fire-Earthquake-Flood-Water Raid-Traffic Accidents-Mountaineering and Underwater Search and Rescue with its 15-person team.


1- To appoint a consultant firm authorized by EMRA 

2- To determine the contractor firm authorized by EMRA according to the project formed by the consultant firm. 

3- BOTAŞ, ENERYA and Antalya OSB industrial facilities to establish an internal installation in accordance with the conversion specifications 

4- Handing the work file to Antalya OIZ 

5- To give vermek internal installation acceptance alın to be taken from the consultant firm 

6- To fill the information form which you will get from the Regional Directorate and specify your consumption for the preparation of the contract 

7- To be signed with the Regional Directorate Uninterrupted Natural Gas Contract 

8- In accordance with your maximum monthly usage amount, the receipt of the deposit determined by our Regional Directorate or the bank guarantee letter must be given indefinitely.


To check and confirm mechanical installation, fire installation, elevator, heating-ventilation and air conditioning projects, 

To check the natural gas pipelines of the region and to ensure their maintenance, to examine the requests of the participants to be natural gas subscribers, to approve the start-up projects and to make subscription operations if their facilities are deemed appropriate, 

To ensure the invoicing and distribution of natural gas consumption of its members within the first week of each month, 

To provide maintenance and control of mechanical devices of the Regional Directorate, to follow up the maintenance and repair works of regional vehicles and construction machinery, 

To pioneer the measures to be taken against the fire, to intervene with the fire brigade, 

Providing the availability of the necessary tools and equipment and making them ready for use, directing and directing the fire brigade.