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What is R & D (Research-Development)? 

R & D; Research and experimental development is a systematic study of the use of knowledge of people, culture and society to design new applications. 

What is Innovation? 

A novelty is a new or significantly improved product or process, a new marketing method or a new organizational management, in-house applications, workplace organization or external relations. 

With the Power Given by AOSB Management and Participants; 


To be the resource to be fed by science and technology to our participants, to serve as an effective interface institution in R & D and innovation studies. 


AOSB, R & D, innovation project ideas to create, structure and support to provide a structure and to live. 


To transform AOSB into a R & D and synergy center by strengthening this infrastructure and technological infrastructure based on R & D and innovation. 


To bring the participant companies of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone to a competitive, creative and efficient R & D based structure, 

To strengthen the university-industry cooperation, to ensure the transfer of the applicable results to the industry, 

Facilitate our participants' access to R & D, innovation support and incentives, 

To promote projects and research that will contribute to regional and firm-based development, 

To announce the R & D and innovation based development and calls to the regional companies and to enable them to reach new technologies, 

To apply, evaluate and analyze scientific and sectoral questionnaires, 

To create a culture of science, technology, industrial awareness, R & D and innovation in AOSB, 

To create a sectoral and regional cluster and to encourage this cluster, 

To make AOSB companies have a say in national and international market by dissolving the theoretical knowledge and experience in the same pot with industry. 

Applying to projects that can be found in OIZs and taking part in projects, 

To organize practical studies, seminars and networking activities on different topics such as intellectual property rights, project management, entrepreneurship, clustering and innovation.