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Water Operation and Maintenance Directorate


Water Supply and Distribution The water requirement of the Organized Industrial Zone is supplied from Kırkgöz water resources and given to the network from our promotion center established in Kırkgöz source. In the center of the center, with a total of 8 submersible pumps together with its backups, the water is supplied to the network depending on the water, frequency converters, flow rate and pressure controlled automation. 400 KVA automatic generator and 3500 m³ reserve water tank are used to prevent the network from being dehydrated during power failures. 24 hours of automatic chlorination into the grid, which is being given water in the center of the promotion, 4 personnel working in shifts ensure the safety of closure. The lifting center and spare water tank can be monitored remotely by security cameras. 

I 1.Part; 18,985 km. polyethylene, 2nd part; 7.887 km. PVC, 3.93 km. The total length of the grid is 38.078 km in total, including polyethylene, and 4143 km of polyethylene pipes. Transmission line; 3,764 km, the lifting line is a 500 mt steel pipe. The cathodic protection from the external current is applied to the transmission line. Pipe diameters vary between 63-560 mm. The pipe diameter of the transmission line is 700 mm. Water network operating pressure is 3,5 - 4 atmospheres. The faults in the network and the lifting center are eliminated by the staff of the Regional Directorate. 

Source and Network Water Analyzes

Water samples taken from the Kırkgöz source and network monthly are T.C. He was sent to the Public Health Directorate of Antalya Governorate. audit, monitoring and control follow-up analysis are carried out and the compliance with the s Regulation on Water for Human Consumption “is checked

Subscription Procedures 

After obtaining the construction license of the facility to be established in the region, the participants will be given a deposit and a water sales contract is made and a connection is made from the appropriate point to their parcels. Each subscriber is at the parcel entry point; A counter-counter with a By-Pass circuit equips a protected counter room with filter and line disconnect valves. If the water meters in the water inlet unit belonging to the By-Pass circuit are damaged, the defective meter shall be removed within the knowledge of the AOSB authorities and the company shall be repaired by the subscriber within one month at the latest. The responsibility of fault, repair and adjustment belongs to the subscriber. In order to determine the monthly water consumption of the subscribers, the water meters are read by the Regional Directorate personnel on the last day of each month and the invoice is issued within 7 working days. As of 2016, the number of subscribers reached 303. Operating tariffs are applied to 283 subscribers because they have obtained the building permit. 

Water Consumption

The amount of water used in 2015 is 6.133.189 m³ and the average monthly water consumption of the region is 511.099 m³.