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Altunsan Turizm Otomotiv Gıda Inşaat Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Our founder Muzaffer ALTUN started his career as a shipping manager in 1989 in Mersin. From 1990 to 1994, he continued his business life by starting food wholesale business. Due to the increase in the need in the region, the opportunity to evaluate the opportunities, in 1994, the region's first supermarket has established METRO SUPERMARKET. He established Nazar Ekmek Fabrikası in 2005 in Antalya except Mersin region. After this factory, a bread factory was established in 4 different regions in Antalya. When the next generation family members Sait ALTUN and Gökhan ALTUN visited overseas fairs on bakery products, Cornflakes attracted the attention of the product varieties. Cereal production in 2010 to our country in this sector have seen that enter Turkey from Europe due to the absence in the breakfast ga (Cornflakes) began his investment. R & D period continued for two years. In 2012, European standards were produced. Altunsan Turzim Otom Gıda İnş.San.ve Tic. We are now in Antalya, especially Istanbul, Antalya, Turkey, our products are provided by our dealers in 1700 Our breakfast is starting today, our journey begins with Honey Flavored Corn Balls, Honey Flavored Wheat Burst, Fruity Corn Rings Chocolate Corn balls, Chocolate Chip Flakes, Chocolate corn leaves Sugar Corn Flakes, Strawberry Corn Balls, special corn outlets for Turkish delight and our new product with different varieties of muesli varieties, we continue with 20 pieces of delicious products. In 2014, Onur KACAR has been involved in the corporate partnership structure for many years and has been involved in institutional support for finance and foreign trade. Our company, which has a partnership structure in production and marketing, operates 5 tons of products per day in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Food Toptancılar Sitesi with its new technological investments in 1500 m2 area.
In addition, our products are exported to IRAQ FILISTIN ISRAEL regions. While producing delicious products, our company has been carrying quality studies to a more rigorous dimension and in 2013, we have successfully completed ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System, ISO 22000 Food Trust (HACCP) and HALAL system certificates audits, and have obtained the certificates. Altunsan, Altun's Eurocorn, Altunsan, Altun Daphne, Slimfit and Sudex are among the brands that set their priorities according to their wishes.