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Antalya Enerji Üretim A. Ş.

"Turkey's Energy Receives the us ..." Antalya Organized Industrial Zone since 2004 's located at the 94.20 MWe power plant and has an annual production capacity of 721 711 200 kWh of energy. The energy produced is sold to eligible consumers, private sector wholesale companies and (TEİAŞ) within the scope of Balancing Settlement Regulation. At the same time, it has completed automation development related to Primary Frequency Control and Secondary Frequency Control Systems defined for our national electrical system and provides capacity services in this regard. Antalya Energy Production Inc. Since the bilateral agreement is based on the principle of being fully procured by all consumed energy, subscriptions to the current TEDAŞ and its Subsidiaries will continue to be billed by the firm and the cheaper electricity consumers. Antalya Energy Production Inc. Turkey 's to meet the constantly growing demand for electricity in the implementation of a market-oriented model to protect the competitiveness of the sector aims to continue its steady growth


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