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About Us Merkez Anadolu Kimya Ltd. started its operations in 2001. Sti. It produces chemical and organic fertilizer on an area of ​​14,500 square meters in Antalya Organized Industrial Development Zone. Merkez Anadolu Kimya Ltd. has a strong R & D structure. The company is engaged in manufacturing for the agricultural needs of Turkey and to many countries around the world. It has become a big brand with the quality of the fertilizers it produced. Our main aim is to serve the agriculture of our country, but also to have a say in the agricultural areas of different countries. With our strong sales and organization network, we are reaching every region of our country. Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Africa, United States, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, South Korea, Thailand, Algeria, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Kenya, Iraq, Vietnam, Bosnia, Poland, Albania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Armenia, We are exporting to more than 20 countries including Georgia, Kuwait, Malta and Moldova. OUR QUALITY POLICY Performing a production that meets the customer expectations at the highest level, Continuous improvement of the product quality, Carrying out the cost reduction works with the participation of all our staff, Maintaining the quality improvement works in a systematic and planned manner by giving priority to meeting the needs of our domestic and foreign customers with the participation of everyone, Continuous training programs in our work, the first time we do every job done correctly, Researchers, and analysis, measurement and R & D areas of the employees who perform solutions to the technical needs of the appropriate technology and devices to choose, design a system of integrated systems for these areas



Export Countries

Albania Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Egypt Georgia Iran Iraq Jordan Kenya Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Libya Malta Moldova Poland Russia South Korea Syria Thailand Tunisia Ukraine United States Vietnam