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Burhan Çelik Ahşap Mamülleri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Şirket

32 YEARS SAME NATURE; With the taste, smell, freshness, health and naturalness of the fruits, we produce the highest quality of fruit juices from every layer of freshness and taste. In its journey from a tiny seed to the trees decorated with delicious fruits and from there to the table with colorful flavors, the production of quality fruit juice that protects the naturalness, flavor, freshness and vitamins of the fruits requires knowledge, love, experience and labor. CONSUMPTION OF FRUIT JUICE; BGS Burhanlar Gıda Turizm ve Tic. Inc. as; Antalya blends the natural flavors of the region with 32 years of work and experience, we produce the best quality fruit juices for all of Turkey. In 1998 Cliffs brand with Turkey's largest fruit juice and fruit syrup manufacturer has become our company, that is produced in our own factory and all of Turkey to provide the industry with high-quality fruit juices and fruit drinks continues to grow every day. For our brand, BGS A.Ş has been established on 32 years of experience, quality and innovation. We choose the most beautiful, the freshest and the best of the fruits which are the source of health and taste of our lives with their unique tastes, shapes and fragrances. In our own production facility located in the 1st section of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, we bring you the most natural flavors with our 32 years of experience in the most healthy conditions and with the opportunities offered by the latest technology. The basic policy of our company is to become a leading company that can compete in the sector by focusing on productivity and quality in service and product production within the framework of high quality production standards and competitive market economy rules that increase in parallel with the rapidly developing technology in our country and in the world. Our company is based on the principle that the most important source of our company; In a consistent understanding of family with all employees, it continues to grow steadily without compromising on honesty and honesty. Therefore, we believe that the BGS family, which consists of workers, engineers and managers who are experienced, who can renew themselves and give importance to team work, is the biggest capital of our company. 
It increases the technical competence and capacity of each new project. In our opinion, there is no easy work, but it is our management ability to make the difficult and exhausting side of the work easier and improve. In line with the rapidly developing technology, we have taken important steps in the third quarter of 2015 in order to become a leading company that can compete in the sector by focusing on productivity and quality within the framework of increasing quality production standards and competitive market economy. In line with the modern operating and management approaches, the quality of the products we continuously offer, in line with our goals, is continuously continuing to work towards improving the quality of our products. We give great importance and importance to our research and plans to increase the economic power of our company, to use financial and human resources in the most effective and efficient way in line with the targets, to be more effective in the ever-evolving and changing business world and to prepare for the future. Our know-how and advanced technology experience at all levels of our company and our experience in production are our greatest assurance in terms of the future of our company. BGS Inc., working under the principle of honesty and quality in service and guaranteeing the success and continuity in production, is committed to conduct consistent behaviors within the framework of its values, honesty and trustworthy business identity and corporate culture awareness to all its social stakeholders, is committed to all commercial stakeholders. Some fruits are the BEST! We choose the BEST