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Cam-Saş Cam Doğ. Mob. Imalat Inş. San. Tic. A. Ş.

CAM-SAŞ; With over 30 years of experience, it is a family company operating in glass sector for two generations. The company, which has been growing in every year since 2004 in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, with its high quality production and reliability, has been established on 5000 m2 area. In 2006, ISICAM took over the dealership and met the needs and demands of its customers on time and on time, and took priority among the companies that have a say in the region. Glass-Sasha; By adding another one to its investments in 2008; Tamglass branded tempered glass production line was commissioned. In order to provide the most reliable service to the ever-growing customer network in addition to the factories in which they carry out their current production, BUTTERO Brand, which has the latest technology, has established a new facility in 10.000 m2 area of ​​Antalya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone, and is growing with confident and reliable steps in the sector with its experienced employees. Successful stock control and healthy supply chain are the biggest strength of the company which continuously follows closely the developing glass technology in the world. Glass-Sasha; With its stable position and uncompromising production, it aims to contribute to the country's economy and sector.