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PSL Electronic, which is the first Turkish company that applies Fiber Optic lighting systems in Turkey as a manufacturer, was established in Antalya1991. Our company, which concentrated on “Professional Audio and Light” systems at fisrt, pursued studies on decorative Fiber Optic ligting applications in 1997 and accomplished applications which are highly successful and each of which is a first and trendsetter in its field. The achieved succesful projects have derived our company to concentrate in the filed of decorative architectural lighting and our company completely steered towards the field of lighting by creating the “FİBERLİ” brand in 2000s.

  • - One of Turkey's largest manufacturer with factory installed on the 16-acre area
  • - Over 1,000 product ranges for indoor and outdoor lighting
  • - Nearly 300 employees, including over 40 engineers and design teams
  • - Carries out more than 1000 projects locally and abroad
  • - Regional sales offices in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Antalya
  • - Export to more than 40 countries over 40% of production
  • - Has one of the four R&D Center in Turkey’s lighting industry