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Ekso Süt Ve Gıda Mam. San. Ve Tic. A. Ş.

Ekso Süt, whose foundations were laid in 2004 in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, is the sister company of Ekici Cheese, which operates in the same region. The reason for the establishment of the company, Ekici Cheese is produced as a result of the production of acid due to the acid due to the environment is very harmful to the nature of the re-introduction of the whey. As a result of 5 years of installation and R & D activities after foundation of the foundation, it started its activities in 2009 and has become a regularly operating company. In the first years of operation, only the whey was processed and powdered. With the investments it has made today, it also produces milk powder by processing milk in addition to whey. Having 25 tons of whey per day (PAST) and 20 tons of milk powder production capacity, Ekso Süt aims to increase its capacity by continuing its investments without interruption. Using all the facilities of the latest technology effectively, Ekso Milk is an enterprise that considers protecting the environment and public health as a principle. Ekso Milk, which is currently working to restore the wastewater from Ekici Cheese to the nature, acts with the mission of bringing waste to nature in all the enterprises in the region.