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H. A. S. Dorse Frigorifik Kasa Üst Yapı Panel Ve Prefabrik Ya

Hastrailer, in 2009, began to make a quality production, in a short time has managed to get a place in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Providing support to the industry with 2.500 m2 closed and 12.000 m2 open area, Hastrailer continued to give importance to the production infrastructure in 2010 and managed to include the production track it had given from abroad in 2011 and laid the foundations of its new factory. The factory, which has 16.000 m2 closed and 50.000 m2 open area, started its operations in August 2013 and started production. Hastrailer has managed to be a reliable and wanted company by keeping the needs and expectations of its customers at the highest level. This success aims to continuously increase its market share with the rightful pride it has given. By following the technological developments in the globalized world market and spreading the total quality philosophy in all management and application levels; it continues to fulfill its responsibilities to humanity, the environment and universal values.


Machinery Industry