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Falez Elektrik Üretim A. Ş.

Falez Energy Falez Electricity Production Co. Inc. was established in 2010. It was built on a land of 5.000 m² in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. The power plant with its expert team consisting of engineers and technicians is 7 MW and installed capacity is 12 MW. There is also a waste heat boiler, cooling tower and water softening system to produce steam from the facility. Our plant, which uses natural gas as fuel, provides high efficiency in flexible work programs since it has the ability to load and load in a short time. Technicial Specifications; Thanks to its state-of-the-art MWM Deutz gas engines, it can also be operated with alternative fuels such as fuel oil and waste gas. The plant works with 3 4MW gas engines and the annual electricity production capacity is 100 million kWh. In addition, the enterprise obtains 47,600 MT of steam per year from this production. High efficiency and lower oil consumption than its counterparts. Uninterrupted operation up to 80 thousand hours after the first maintenance. Carbon emissions according to European standards. Our company will spend Antalya and Turkey to the activities of the growth and new investment projects in general. Our company consists of 3 outpatient centers (head office in Istanbul (operation Anka (central Antalya)