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SERGÜN Solar Energy Systems was founded Based on the idea of ​​producing solar energy with hot water to raise the population's quality of life and to contribute to Turkey's development in 1984 in a small workshop in Adana 250 m2. SERGE's 26 regions and over 600 qualified staff working with the branch manager, Consumer Academia last 7 years in a row in Turkey, '' the most trusted brand in Quality '' is selected. He has won the European Union Quality Award in the last 3 years. SERGÜN, the only official supplier of the United Nations in the solar energy sector, has received the SOLAR KEYMARK certificate, the most important document in its sector from TUV Rheinland. SERGÜN has European Union Standard CE certificate. SERGÜN Solar Energy Systems has increased the quality of life of the people with its eco-friendly systems, increased employment, contributed to the country's economy with its export links, and provided comfort to users' budgets thanks to its non-fuel products. SERGÜN recently started to manufacture Heat Pump


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