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Sar-Pet Petrol Pazarlama Ve Nakliyat Ltd Şti.

Sar-Pet Petrol Pazarlama ve Nakliyat Ltd., which is producing under the brand name "SP" in the mineral oil plant located in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Sti. In 1995 he started his professional career at Antalya Düdenbaşı Mah. Established as Petrol Ofisi Dealer at Gazi Bulvarı No: 421. In 2003, we established our mineral oil plant in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone; Besides SP Oil Oil; It has started to produce Quick Cut Cationic Asphalt Emulsion (CRS-1, CRS-2) and Grease. Sp, base oil needs of the entire Tüpraş-Aliağa Refineries and / or from abroad, additives and chemicals are also supplied from abroad. In our factory, paraffinic base oil based engine oils and hydraulic system, industrial oil and grease types are produced. Produced products are delivered to the consumers as packaged packages.