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Sümbüloğlu Makina Sera Plastik Demir Çelik Ve Inşaat Sanayi T

'Iron Shaping Steel' 'SÜMBÜLOĞLU was established in 1987 in Antalya Industrial Site; Since 2007, it has been continuing its activities in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Company; mobile concrete plants, dam tunnel molds and steel construction manufacturing services. Since the day it was founded, the company has been guided by the principles of business, delivery and customer satisfaction. The company has a wide range of experienced engineers and qualified manufacturing specialists. In 2008, the company started production and marketing of profile pipes, greenhouse gutters and greenhouse profiles. Along with its new machines, it has increased its production capacity four times. The company is always open to innovation and development; developing in Turkey in order to conform to what they could have sought feet. The Sümbüloğlu; Accompanied by references to date, the tunnel formwork and concrete plants in the result of hard work of engineers, industrial fan, aims to contribute to Turkey's economy with the manufacturing of industrial filters