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Uluçay Isıtma Soğ. Sis. Inş. Tur. San. Ve Tic. Ltd Şti.

Uluçay Metal was founded by Ramazan Uluçay in 1991 and started to serve in the sector. It provides sales and marketing services in an area of ​​2.500 m2 in Antalya Industry. With its professional team of 30 people, it is the largest manufacturer of Solar Energy Systems in Antalya and its environs. Our company, which started to export to abroad since 2003, continues its services with its superior activities both in Turkey and abroad. In 2014, the company continues its production activities in the organized industry in an area of ​​10.000 m2 open area and 5600 m2 closed area. We aim to produce qualified energy materials that keep up with the technology needed by the globalizing world and are open to development and change. We are striving to be the energy company that creates difference and value continuously with its leader in the sector and befitting its deep-rooted past.