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The 4th Ordinary General Assembly of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone was held on 1 March 2018. President Ali Bahar, who was present at the General Assembly held a high participation rate of 93 percent, reiterated his confidence.

The 4th Ordinary General Assembly of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone took place on 1 March 2018. Regional Directorate of Administrative Service Atatürk Conference Hall General Assembly, Antalya Governor and Entrepreneur Delegation Chairman Münir Karaloğlu, Antalya OSB Chairman Ali Spring and 93 percent of regional industrialists participated.


First of all, the Delegation of the Chamber was determined at the General Assembly which started with the opening speech of the Deputy Chairman of Antalya OSB, Fatih İncir. Ergin Civan and Aysun Inal served as the chairman of the Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Kemal Özgen. The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology officials Hilmi Adnan Yüksel and Cafer Pektaş were present at the auditorium.


Antalya OSB industrialists in the General Assembly of the first by the Governor of Antalya and the Region's top decision-making body, the Entrepreneur Delegation will continue to vote whether or not. In the elections that were made by open voting, the industrialists decided unanimously to continue the enterprising committee. Following the decision, 8 new members and 8 substitute members who will take part in. In the general assembly, where the lists of the current Chairman Ali Bahar and the regional industrialists, Mustafa Alanyalı, were included, 252 of the 272 industrialists holding the construction permit have voted. As a result of the voting process which ended at the end of the 17th century, 8 principal and 8 substitute members in the list of current Chairman Ali Bahar were elected to the Entrepreneur Committee. The names chosen in the enterprising committee were Ali Bahar, Fatih İncir, Hasanali Gönen, Ahmet Kasapoğlu, Abdullah Erdal Konya, Mustafa Gizli, Fatin Tapcı and Yiğit Budak.


In addition to the Antalya Governor and Deputy Governor, a total of 15 persons from the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone (ATSO) received the remaining five members from the ATSO. The first meeting was held within the first week following the General Assembly. will choose. The Board of Directors will determine the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Deputy Chairman with the evaluation to be made within the Board.


In his opening speech of the General Assembly, Chairman Bahar pointed out that during his 21 months of office period, they are trying to create more added value by taking into consideration the interests of the Region and Antalya. In this period, 72 times by holding a board meeting and 1434 decision that they have signed the spring, continued his speech as follows; Ti Friends, 638 days have passed since the 3rd Ordinary General Assembly held on June 1, 2016. I am in your peace with the thought that we have completed this task, which we have been deemed worthy of you, with your wisdom and wisdom. As the Board of Directors of the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, we held a Board of Directors meeting for a total of 72 times within these 638 days. We signed 1434 decisions. Without annotation, 269 entrepreneurs signed the decision of the delegation of the said activities were instrumental in realization. During the 21-month period, we provided quality and uninterrupted service to you and our city. In every decision we take, in every project we implement, it is our primary goal to observe the interests of you and our region and to create more added value. On the first day we took office, we moved with the same motto until the minute and we managed this together. This is at the beginning of the words we can give for the new period. Together we will continue to manage together. I would like to extend my special thanks to our Governor and Chief Executive Officer of Antalya, Mr. Münir Karaloğlu. He did his part with the utmost in order to improve our region and never supported us from his support. I am a living witness of how strong the hand of the Governor is and how enthusiastically it is used. In this respect, we support the continuation of the enterprising committee with the motto that we will manage together.

Dear Industrialists; The fact that a crate has been established here today is a proof of the correctness of the works we have done in the last 3 years. If the Presidency of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone has become a prestigious authority with election campaigns conducted, I would like to invite you to think about their reasons if your reputation, power and brand value are increased by the shell of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. We, together with you, succeeded. The most important proof of this is the democratic race and the ballot box. However, it should be noted that every authority has a responsibility. It's easy to get power from the seat, it's important to power the seat. You have to worry about it, you must feel responsibility. You must work day and night. This 638 days and before the coup attempt, terror, airplane lowering, embargo and an operation lived. Our industrialists managed to survive despite great difficulties and continued to work for their country. This is just a waste of time. We will work harder, produce more and cover this gap with high-tech products. Elon Musk is a businessman. The whole of this hall is the business person. Elon Musk launched his own electric car into space with his own rocket. Space technologies and R & D have now become an inter-company race while it is an interstate race. As such, it is necessary to revise and revise its production, vision and dreams.

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers The Technology Development Zone project published in the Official Gazette is the return of this requirement. We want to be the trigger of a radical innovation not only in our companies, but in Antalya and in the basin, in our Technology Development Zone at a time when the audience will not be with us within 15 years. We are realizing our dream of an organized industrial zone that creates value-added and creates projects in the country and gives a city image beyond the city. Akdeniz University, Antalya Bilim University, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Young Organized Industry Association, technology transfer office in our Technology Development Zone, start-ups, supporting hatcheries, design offices, commercialization and matching center, fund management unit and industrial There will be laboratories. Our Technology Development Zone will be the next generation and the most advanced. It will support the R & D units established by the companies themselves. And by becoming a solution partner, they will turn the idea into a product in a much shorter time. In addition, the most important feature of our TGB will be the marketing unit. When our work is completed, it will become commonplace to see a Chinese, Japanese and German in our region. This is, of course, an ideal with difficult and difficult processes. As you overcome obstacles coming out or removed, you will feel like you are on the right track.

Dear industrialists; I would like to thank you also for your support in the education campaign that we initiated in our region. Within the scope of the training services launched in 2015 in Antalya OSB Training Multiplier Cost Analysis study; It was reported that 149 training programs were realized, 139 organizations benefited from these training programs and 5432 participant certificates were issued. The training programs carried out by the Regional Office has provided Antalya OSB Turkey's educational services in pioneering and exemplary organized that the industrial area in Antalya OSB firms' in-service training came 2 million 123 enabling thousand 514 TL savings. In the analysis of the Antalya OSB Employment and Trainee Demands Survey conducted in 2017, the number of our regional employees increased in 47 percent of our firms even in the period when intensive job termination occurred in our country; it is declared that it is expected to remain almost the same. This situation is an important data about the decrease in the working circulation which is seen as a big problem in the region. In the new education period, the definition of learning workshops will be used instead of training classes. The doors of our workshops built on the phenomenon of learning not to be educated will remain open to all our participants this year.

Dear industrialists; We are competing with ourselves to reduce the input costs of our participants. As a result of our long-term negotiations and insistent demands with ASAT, changes in wastewater tariff and wastewater discharge limits applied to our industrialists have been made. With the benefit obtained from the unit price tariff applied by ASAT, a total reduction of 35 percent in wastewater unit prices has been provided. The unit price of natural gas is presented to the use of our industrialists without any additional cost upon the unit price we receive from BOTAŞ. Not only did we shorten the time required to buy a firefighting certificate, but we also helped keep your money in your pocket. During this time our organization provided 137 certificates of qualification and carried out 185 exercises. These services are provided free of charge to 3 thousand TL. We constantly monitor the electricity market to supply electricity at the lowest cost. We aim to provide maximum benefit to our participants by supplying energy from the suppliers that offer the best offers by taking the offers from the suppliers in the appropriate periods. When the energy supply agreements we made in 2016 and 2017 are compared with TEDAŞ National Tariff Electricity Unit Prices, it is seen that a total discount of 23.5 percent is achieved. We are one of the organized industrial zones that provide drinking and potable water the cheapest.

We will provide a significant cost advantage to our industrialists with the operation of the ongoing fuel station. Our gendarmerie station was transferred to our troops. There are 12 soldiers in our station. Therefore, the number of security personnel was decreased by 12 people and savings were made. This savings will also pay off the budget spent for the police station in a short time. A protocol has been signed between the Regional Directorate and the Provincial Health Directorate to increase the health services of the Region to the next level. With the protocol, 112 Emergency Health Services Station, which is stationed in the region, started to operate on a 7/24 basis. The renovations and new building construction processes of the bazaars and shops in our region were completed in 175 days, and the number of shops increased from 13 to 28 and the functionality of the regional market was increased. The capacity of our nursery and day care center with a capacity of 25 students has been increased to 96 with the renovation and new building. Our kindergarten, where 50 children are educated as of today, is among the best nurseries in Antalya. Science, Industry and Technology Ministry and the Ministry of Family and Social Policy has made it necessary to open the nursery to all organized industrial zones in Turkey. No profit is being pursued, the crèche for any sacrifice we opened our aversion and we operate in Turkey and other organized to set an example of industry accolades for the education of our children is the most beautiful. Here again, it is seen that we have established a phenomenon previously made obligatory by the Ministry in the leading organized industry logic.
I am delighted to say that the 4th and 5th expansion areas of the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, which will provide an increase of 870 acres, are in the process of converting to industrial parcels by means of expropriation. The title deed of the parcels, whose expropriation procedures have been completed by the Antalya Governorship Investment Monitoring Coordination Department, have been transferred to our Region by the right holders. Up to now, a total of 110 agreements were signed with persons in the field of expansion in total of 221 thousand 424 square meters. The remaining 209 thousand 214 square meters are still in progress. Dear guests This may be our day, but tomorrow is the youth. That's why we should be with the young people on this road. We must guide their ideas, thoughts and expectations and build the future together with the power we receive from our experience. With this in mind we have launched 2nd Generation Manager Project Leader, it has been an example to Turkey. Within the scope of the project, we have gathered all 2nd and 3rd generation young industrialists in our region. We were instrumental in establishing a communication network between them. It's all in the hall right now. I am proud of them all, thanking them for their hard work and I ask you to give them a big applause, power and courage. The presidents of the future, managers will come out of those young people, I believe in this heart.

Dear industrialists; The projects we talk about will continue at full speed. In the coming period, we will implement many projects for your welfare and survival. We will work with TOKI for the inclusion of 2 million square meters. We would like to establish a new generation of cooperation with the organized industry with a very different structure. We will continue to contribute to Döşemealtı. We are planning to make municipalities planning for eco-friendly housing, thus reducing our costs. For transportation, especially for companies with few employees, the transition to the BRT or rail system will be the main solution. We will increase our existing initiatives. In this period, our organized industry warehouse will have a very short time. We will create commercial spaces in a very short time. We will organize logistics facilities and warehouses. All of our projects are ready for the transfer of our vocational high school and the rehabilitation of the vocational high school. We aim to do all these services with build-operate-transfer method. If science starts from high school science, we are seeing a science high school dream that the legislation does not permit.

Dear guests; Our efforts and efforts are not limited to Antalya or Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. For the first time in its history, Antalya was represented in the Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Institution, OSBÜK during these periods. It is the value of Antalya to be the deputy chairman of the authority we represent. The recently enacted Production Reform Package Law is a proof of the importance of OSBUK and its benefits to the sector. It is one of the most accurate laws recently adopted in order to provide solutions or facilities for the problems of the industry and industrialists. The Production Reform Package Law was prepared in Antalya, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and provided our industrialists with greater advantages than ever before. But is it enough? It is not. We will continue to work in Ankara to include the regulations that will benefit you. Dear industrialists Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, investment, employment, production figures, is one of the cheaper infrastructure services and environmental features of Turkey's top 5 of the best. Turkey examples shown in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in the development of the vision of our esteemed industrialists, has the largest share of sacrifice and effort. Antalya Organized Industrial Zone will come to much better points with the power it receives from you and will continue its development and growth. With this belief; to our Board of Directors, Board of Directors, our dear industrialists, our brothers, our qualified Regional Directorate personnel; I express my gratitude for their efforts, and convey my respect and love. 

Thank you.