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Antalya OSB Chairman Ali Bahar, applied to the KGF loans interest rate of 2.75 per year, such as an exorbitant figure of 36-37 percent, the interest rate of 1.65 per month to draw a comfortable breathing of the companies argued that would provide.

Ali Bahar, the Chairman of the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, said that the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) supported the granting of 36 months additional time for the loan repayments, but the interest rate applied was 2.75 percent. Interest rate of 2.75 percent of the annual rate of 36-37 percent of the equivalent of an exorbitant spring spring, interest rate should be withdrawn to 1.65 per month, he argued.


Stressing that the pressure on consumer prices to inflation is not the problem but the pressure on the result, “The most important step in the fight against inflation is the reduction of costs. We think that the result will be the pressure and subsidies to be applied to the raw material prices.


In this period when the increase in input costs has not yet been fully reflected in the consumer and a large part of the load has been met by the producer, he said that facing such high interest rates constitutes a further risk for the companies. and the rise in raw material prices, which led to an unexpected increase in input costs. Considering that the firms are not prepared for this unexpected rise, there will be difficulty in the loan payments. In a period when the company budgets were fundamentally shaken, the repayment of these loans was almost impossible with a high interest rate of 2.75 percent in the KGF configurations. In addition, taking into consideration that there is a possibility that banks cannot allocate a provision in KGF loans, withdrawing the monthly interest rate to 1.65 will cause the companies to take a comfortable breath. The loss of the interest rate of the banks by the Treasury will be provided by the Treasury, all stakeholders will be able to remove the process with the least damage, '' he said.


He said that most of the loans are given to the service sector and 70% of the debts are in the industrial sector which is in foreign currency. He emphasized that priority should be given to firms with industrial registry certificate. This will be an important role in the recovery of the balance sheet of the companies that suffered from the increase in raw material and input prices, indicating that Spring, the support given to producers will relax the consumer's hand. The state expects a stable approach to ensure the continuity of the free market economy. Arak Although this is not affected by the increase in the exchange rate, the opportunity space of the producers going to the price increase will be narrowed and the opportunists who aim to make profit by damaging the country's economy will be cut off.


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