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In 1976, it was decided to establish an Organized Industrial Zone in Antalya with the decree of the Council of Ministers dated 09.06.1976 and numbered 7/12106 under the leadership of Antalya Chamber of Commerce. 

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, established on an area of ​​370 Hectares (3,700,000 square meters) with the decree of the Council of Ministers dated 16.08.1977 and numbered 370 / h, was reduced to an area of ​​60 hectares on the grounds that the location selection was made wrongly in 1983. first size. The register of the Entrepreneurial Committee has been granted legal status with the number 194 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade dated 10.09.2001 and numbered 11556.

In 2005, with the addition of new expansion areas and the purchase of the lands belonging to the individual and treasury within the approved zoning plans, it reached 662 Hectares.

In 2010, the site selection area 3 was completed and the area size reached 692 hectares. In 2015, site selection studies were started on 4 and 5 areas. With the completion of the ongoing site selection studies 

in 2017, the area will reach 781.6 hectares.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone is located at the 26th km of Antalya-Burdur Highway. Located on the two sides of the State Highway; 

1. Section area: 1.977.103 m² (198 Ha) 

2. Section area: 1.859.899 m² (186 Ha) 

Extension area 1: 835,233 m² (84 Ha) 

Extension area 2: 1,935,918 m² (194 Ha) 

Extension area 3: 308.940 m² (30 hectares)

Organized Industrial Zone, which has a total area of ​​692 hectares in total, consists of 328 different sized industrial parcels with an area of ​​5.065,189 m². The region is mixed OSB and production is allowed in various subjects determined by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. All the areas of the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone were purchased and the expropriation procedures were completed on behalf of the Organized Industrial Zone Enterprising Committee. Planning and infrastructure works of the region areas have been completed. Area of ​​the 1st part of the region 89 percent, area 84 percent area, number 1 expansion area 74, number 2 expansion area 69, number 3 expansion area has begun to operate 11 percent.

Currently, there are no empty industrial parcels in the region. The occupancy rate of the region is .20, and has 274 firms. allocation. In addition, since there are new demands on the region, the works for opening the 4th and 5th expansion areas are being continued and in the new area of ​​89.6 ha, the site selection procedures are about to be completed. Approximately 250 companies awaiting the allocation of new drop-off areas are waiting in line, and the allocation requests are increasing every day.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, Burdur by mid-last state highway to reach every region of Turkey on opium is very easy. The region is 26 km away from Antalya, 26 km from Akdeniz University, 35 km from Antalya Harbor and 40 km from the airport. There is a railway station in Burdur, 99 km away. The distance between the settlements around the region varies between 300 mt and 3 klm. The employment opportunities of the districts such as Döşemealtı district centers and neighborhoods such as Kömürcüler, Çıplaklı, Bıyıklı, Yağca and Masonry are very high.