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Ülke Masaları Bülteni

In order to increase the international competitiveness of our exporters, to evaluate the opportunities in export markets and to be prepared for the obstacles they may face, we aim to provide the most current and accurate information about foreign markets to our firms, especially the target and priority countries and to provide reliable information about the decisions that can directly affect our export by the official institutions in various countries. It is of great importance for the development of our exports. 

Ült Country Tables Bulletin ile has been published as of December 2018 by our Ministry for this purpose. The bulletin, which will be published on a monthly basis, will include news about decisions on commercial activities and activities (such as raising customs duties on various products, non-tax measures etc.), which may directly or indirectly affect our trade in foreign markets. Furthermore, the findings of the country, including the products with the potential for exportation to the countries selected in each issue of the newsletter, will be included in the target and priority countries determined by the Ministry.