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Akmetal Asansör San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Akmetal Elevator was established in 1995 in Antalya. Our respect for our business, the rigor of our work, to provide the best service to our customers, quality work is one of our basic principles. Since the day it was founded, the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction, as well as the rigorous work in the production and assembly of the elevator project, as well as the deliveries carried out on time, are frequently mentioned in the sector. Adopting the principle of gaining customer satisfaction by providing the best quality service with good prices, Akmetal Asansör provides elevator installation, manufacturing, maintenance and modernization services with its expert staff. Our company is the most important source of the company, which set out the principle, all employees in a united family with no compromise in the sense of continuous growth continues. It increases the technical competence and capacity of each new project. Akmetal Asansör aims to be among the leading companies of the sector without compromising respect and tolerance in the services it operates. In 2013, Akmetal Elevator applied for a place in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and allocated a land area of ​​6500 m2. In 2014, we completed the construction of 4000 m2 closed factory and started to manufacture Lift Accessories in 2015. These are mainly elevator assembly components and cabin production. The goal of Akmetal Elevator is to make its own production in its own installation and to make new model economical and adaptable studies. Akmetal realizes its installation and production in Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, operating in two different addresses: Cumhuriyet District. Akmetal started to work for new markets and customers in the direction of exportation from outside of Antalya or to export. Our goal is to increase our competitiveness in foreign markets by mass production of some evenings used in elevators. The current staff and knowledge team is to continue to develop continuously.