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Koçak Tic. Ve San. Ltd. Şti.

We have been operating in steel construction sector since 976. With many years of experience and our expert staff, we are carrying out projects on a large scale. Our fast, high quality and reliable service to the private and public sectors continues to follow the technology closely. KOÇAK STEEL Annual 1800 tons of capacity with all your steel construction needs with efficient engineering solutions by producing your own manufacturing. Manufacturing and assembly works are carried out with our own engineers and expert teams by using the work that has passed the lamination test and using the sandblasted primed raw materials in accordance with the norms. KOÇAK ÇELİK produced agricultural machinery and agricultural equipments and parts thereof until 90s. While the production of many products such as plow, disc plow, crowbar, dragon, rotatiller, loading rods were carried out, these production decreased gradually as agriculture remained behind other sectors and agricultural production in the region was concentrated in greenhouses. Steel Kocak, Turkey's largest panel manufacturer also engages in the Mediterranean region dealership TECHNO panel