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Nalbantoğlu Demir Saç Inş. Taah. San. Tic. A. Ş.

Our company, which has been serving the iron and steel industry since 1935, is producing at world standards with Nassan brand. In our integrated facilities built on 23.000 m² land in Antalya, we manufacture to the Manufacturing Industry, Construction and Agricultural Sector. The capacity of our factory to process flat steel, pipes, profiles and prefabricated products is 600.000 tons. Our glass and plastic greenhouse production capacity in our facilities is 4500 hectares annually. We produce projects suitable for different crops, climates and land conditions for greenhouses to be built in agriculture sector. The production, installation and management support of our projects are under the control of our quality. As Nassan, we live with the awareness that our customers' satisfaction is our future.