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Nobel Tarım Turz. Gıda Ith. Ihr. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Nobel Tarım Gıda Ltd. Şti. Co .; It is one of the leading companies in the sector with its capacity of 240 tons of pomegranate, 240 tons of pomegranate, 240 tons of grapes, 240 tons of apples, 240 tons of tomatoes and 20 tons of carrot in its modern facilities in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Thanks to its production technique and experienced expert staff, natural products are obtained without damaging the nutritional values ​​of fruit juice. The company, which has become a well-known and acclaimed brand in our country, has established its brand in the international arena. Nobel Agriculture, which allows consumers to drink real, natural, unadulterated juice; contributes greatly to the economy of the country. Every day, the company is expanding its customer network and product range; It is established on an area of ​​35.000 m2 and continues its production with modern and latest technological machinery. LONY branded products; It is not produced from concentrate and it is natural flavored. It does not contain artificial color and additive, preservative, added sugar and water. The company that produces with Lony brand; He is evaluating the vegetables and fruits of Akdeniz. Nobel Agriculture; In order to ensure that natural fruit juices are drunk, we aim to continue to contribute to the economy as one of the pioneering companies in the world market by making it the most healthy way to consume fruits without harming the naturalness of our country based on agriculture and adding new ones to the product range.