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Founded in 1976 in Antalya, Pol-Kar specializes in the construction of water slides, wave pools, rafting and water park projects. Europe and Ukraine Official World Water Park Association member Pol-Profit Turkey's leading Fiberglass Reinforced Poly (CTP) is one of the producers. In 2004, Pol-Kar; DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System was obtained by TÜV CERT method. Pol-Kar GRP Water Slide is produced by automatic machine in its factories in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. On the Pol-Kar water slides there is a carrier under each crop. In addition to water slides, Pol-Kar's production range includes tubular walkways, stone-like bridges, tiled-looking towers, copper, transparent and ceramic-look dome and towers, rain gutters, warehouses, pontoons, boats, speed and parachute boats, cabin boats. There are also yachts. Pol-Kar, which aims to provide the best service to our customers by following the innovations and developments in the field in a very short time, effectively provides service and maintenance services which are the most important vital needs of tourism facilities and water parks with professional staff and mobile service vehicles.