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Uniba Tarım Sanayi Ve Ticaret A. Ş.

Our company located in central Antalya, in the light of the latest developments in technology and science to all the products that fertilizer producers and consumers need in the agricultural sector, a wide range of plant nutrition products, industrial products for fertilizer production, hobby horticultural products and plant growth regulators and serves in the national and international markets with its superior quality product list. In addition to supplying raw materials and providing new raw materials to the companies that produce fertilizers with our expert marketing network, we are experiencing the excitement of bringing together our own brands, Turkish and world farmers with the superior quality we produce with our innovative, patented technologies. Our company has made a strong market entry in the country in a short time with the power it has given to us with our experienced infrastructure and expert staff and the prevalence of our regional distribution channels. According to the United Nations report, the world population, which is 7.4 billion today, is expected to rise to over 12 billion in 2050. Increasing population, rising costs and decreasing resources have led us to search for high efficiency in unit area. The most important of the studies conducted in this context, according to us, although the plant is feeding; tillage, right product selection, agricultural control, etc. areas are other complementary elements. At this point we are aware of the responsibility of our company; Per unit area without harming the ecological balance with minimum resources to get the highest yield, which we have developed in order to feed the plants need special plant nutrition and plant growth regulators are aiming to be an agricultural company that made its name in both the World market Turkey.