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Budak Kağıt Pazarlama Tic. San. Aş.

Budak Paper Marketing Trade and Industry Inc. It was founded in 1990 by Çetin Osman BUDAK. Our company has become the leader of the paper market in 1 year with its professional experiences in the past. In 1995, Odak Kirtasiye Pazarlama, a distributor company, was established to distribute wholesale stationery in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions in the stationery sector which is in parallel with the paper sector. was established as a sister company of Turkey. Since the day it was founded, Odak Kırtasiye Pazarlama has been a leading wholesaler of its region. In January 2002, our company established its first sales-marketing organization in Ankara with the support of warehouses in order to provide better service to its customers. This was followed by the Konya branch in 2003, the Istanbul branch in 2005, the Izmir branch in 2007, the Kayseri branch in 2009 and the Mersin branch in 2011. Our company, which has a young population and a fast-growing local economy yapılanmalarla in Turkey continues its activities as an international company that carries the feature. The two important market resources of our sector, the paper sector, are the education sector and the related educational institutions. education sector in Turkey; 20 million students each year with an increase of around 1 million. Market size increased to 4 million tons / year in all paper sectors in 2013. Our company increased its sales volume by 20 times between 2001 and 2013 and increased its market share significantly. Our company's short-term plan is a great investment preparation for the packaging industry. Our medium-term plans include evaluating the geographical advantages of Turkey in Asia, it is located in Eastern Europe and the Gulf targets such as our trade with developing countries