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OSB Day-care Center

Our kindergarten, which is located in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, was established by setting out the principle of imiz keeping mothers away from working children Antalya. Our principle is to offer unconditional love to our children in a safe and healthy environment. 

Our kindergarten serves in the 1st part of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Respecting the environment and human relations, faithful to ethical values, continues to develop with a vision aiming excellence in every project to be carried out, Antalya 40-year history, crowned with nursery and day nurseries opened for service, the most important project for the future has been implemented in this way. 

In our nursery opened for raising contemporary, self-confident, responsible and loving children; Our primary duty and responsibility is to ensure that our children, who are raised with love and with great care, are healthy, happy and successful individuals in the future. 

Our nursery; Our basic desire is to support the individual differences of our children, to support motor development, social, numerical, emotional, language and cognitive development, to provide self-care skills and to prepare our child for life. 

T. C. Of Turkey by the Environment and Urban Planning Ministry Cleanest and Most Environment-Friendly Industrial Zone Prize to worthy Antalya OSB, environment and nature-conscious individuals who cultivates a 'clean environment, clean future' acts slogan of living with the goal of making culture. 

Our kindergarten which prepares our children who are the owners of the future for the future with the light of a nest and in the light of a nest, in the 215 m2 closed area, 5 fully equipped classrooms, professional instructor staff, games and activity areas located in a green garden and 7 days and 24 hours closed circuit camera system The building is designed based on the safety and needs of our children. 

Every detail in our kindergarten from interior decoration to toys and all the materials we use in education of our children have been prepared by considering the health and ergonomics of our children.


English education in pre-school period will facilitate our children in the future education years. In this context, English education in our school is performed daily, auditory and visual. Our children's language education, prepared according to their age groups; books, barcovision, songs, chatting, cut-and-paste, repeat, apply and small homework, such as materials and activities are supported. 


Drama is one of the areas where our children are the best to have fun and they can express their feelings at best. Our children play an active role in drama education. The child's empathy ability develops faster and more solidly. In this way, it becomes a more successful individual in human relations. 


Music enters the life of the individual with lullaby and continues to develop. In our nursery, it is considered as an instrument supporting music learning and it is applied as a training method. Children who have special skills in music are discovered through these trainings, encouraged and supported to develop their skills through school and parent cooperation. 


Yoga not only teaches children how to travel emotion, but also enables individuals to have a healthy mood. Thanks to our children's yoga training; express their concerns, anger, anger, stress and any negative feeling; it relaxes, cleanses, relaxes and efficiently drains its energy. In our school, yoga training is carried out weekly.




This age group of our children, from infancy, to take the first steps in childhood are individuals. Our experienced trainer staff provides an active and enjoyable environment focused on improving personal and social skills in accordance with the child's attention and interest levels. Language, social, emotional, cognitive, numerical and psychomotor development of our children are supported by our activities such as singing, fairy tale, puppet play, drama, English, music, dance, wit games. 


In this age group our children are given the utmost importance to speak the Turkish language correctly, in a beautiful and fluent way. In addition, our children, science, cuisine, art, ecological agriculture and nature activities; creative drama, dance, yoga and music, such as activities and lessons can be needed, a sense of curiosity and learning, emotions can be expressed comfortably to create a program, all these activities, courses and activities are regularly implemented within the framework of weekly programs. 


This period is the window of our children opening to the outside world. The basic skills required to prepare our children for adulthood are gained during this period.



In addition to English, painting, music, dance, drama and yoga activities every day of the week, we support our children with mental studies such as reading-writing preparation, mathematics, science, attention span development, handwriting and intelligence games. 

To support the development of creativity and aesthetic skills 

To teach the ability to establish cause and effect relationship 

Improving the ability to be aware 


To gain space skills, 

To gain the ability of sorting, 

To gain observation skills, 

To speed up perceptual development, 

To support the development through art, 

Developing communication skills and abilities through music, yoga and dance, 

Developing and developing communication skills, 

To be aware of its own culture and other cultures, 

To ensure cooperation 

Helping to make friends and share feelings, 

To be aware of himself / herself,