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Ekolojik Tarım Gıda Kim. Mad. San. Ve Tic. A. Ş.

Our company carries out its activities in a modern fertilizer production facility established in an area of ​​5.250 m2 in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Fertilizer production is based on the latest technology and machinery and equipment. All of our products can be applied easily from leaf and soil by mixing into drip, sprinkler, irrigation systems and spraying tanks. Thus, vegetable, fruit, cereals, open fields and ornamental plants are used in all different types of crop production. All our products are dissolved in water 0 and the maximum benefit is obtained from the fertilizer used. Ecological Agriculture Inc. products through exclusive dealers are bringing together producers across Turkey. In the last 5 years, it has been expanding to international competition and it has moved to North Africa and Middle East countries such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. After attending international fairs and field trials, she has been taking firm steps forward in the markets she developed in these countries.



Export Countries

Algeria Azerbaijan Egypt Iran Iraq Jordan Saudi Arabia Sudan Tunisia Yemen