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Kutlu Avcı Ofset Form Baskı Reklam San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

In 1996, Kutlu Offset and Avcı Offset merged and founded Kutlu & Avcı Offset Form Printing Company. In 2000, we realized a first in our region by adding 4 color Edelman V38 continuous form printing machine which can print package from coil to machine park in 2000. In this way, it became the first company in this sense to serve in the Mediterranean region. In order to provide better service to its customers, our company has started the construction of a 6-storey business center with 2542 m2 closed area. In September 2005 it moved to this plaza. In 2007, the Heidelberg Speedmaster 4-color CD 102 offset printing machine added GRP Molding machines to its facilities. This investment was again a first. In order to process the printing of the received machines, we continued to perform the firsts in our region by taking the 70x100cm Automatic Cellophane Machine for post-printing operations. After that, the boiler cut, foil printing, cover and robotic sewing machines have further strengthened the mücellithane. Our company continued its progress in 2012. Also in the Mediterranean Region, Heidelberg Speedmaster 5 color + Dispersion lacquer CD 102 LX model printing machine was added to the course. In the post-printing process, 2 pieces of 70x100 Crimean machine, 4 forms of Robotized Wire Stitch, Amigo American Skin Hot Melt, Automatic Shirt Blending, Aster Thread Sewing, Automatic Spiral, Cover Sorting, 52x74 Boiler Cutting, 52x74 Foil Printing, Box Gluing Machines Our facility is available. One of the best results of all these studies is the employment staff of 120 employees. With this staff, printing machines are operated in 2 shifts at our Offset Form printing facility.Having invested in the new sector, our company has made a new investment decision in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2011 in order to invest in the packaging sector. 6800 m2 closed area corrugated cardboard made in 2015, the necessary machinery investments for cartons and products. Corrugated cardboard processing machines; 160x120 cm Eterna cutting, 240 cm Inlay carton production machine, 160x160 cm automatic plastering, 160 cm Brous 6 ear bonding, 70x100 Bobst Cut, 110 cm Bobst 6 ear paste, 70x120 Blöffer automatic cellophane, 70x100 foil printing machines.