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Mahmut Özdamar- Özdamar Demir Boru Ve Profil End.

In 2009, our company started to produce pipes and profiles in Bucak district of Burdur. Based on the increasing demand and with the aim of better service, in September of 2012 started to invest in Antalya Organized Industry. Antalya O.S.B. has 2 pipe and profile lines, 2 open profile lines and 1 sheet metal slitting line. Our company has adopted the regional working policy. It is moving with the vision of becoming a regional leader in the iron and steel industry. It serves the agriculture and construction sectors with its products. 95% of the iron and steel product required for the construction of a greenhouse can be produced within our company. We take the principle of modern and participatory culture which takes into consideration the expectations and suggestions of our customers, uses the resources effectively, economically and efficiently, meets the customer demands in a timely, accurate, reliable, smiling, fast and more efficient way, and aims at customer and employee satisfaction.


Machinery Industry