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06-11-2018 Interview

Sabancı University Head of Finance Dr. Özgür Demirtaş's, Economy, Finance, Technology and You, talk show organized with the organization of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone became the meeting point of Antalya business world. Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate Administrative Service Building Atatürk Conference Hall, Antalya OSB Chairman Ali Bahar organized the event BEST Party Antalya Deputy Hasan Subaşı, Provincial Industry and Technology Director Mahmut Kaplan, Social Security Institution Provincial Director Nejat Deniz, President of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Union Spring, Western Mediterranean Industry and Business Federation President Abdullah Erdogan, Antalya Industrialists and Businessmen Association President M. Sadi Kan, Konyaaltı Industrialists and Businessmen Association President Ilhami Kaplan, Yörük Industrialists and Businessmen Association President Semih Beken, Antalya Businessmen Association President Ersan Goksan , Antalya Organized Industrialists Business Association President Ahmet Kasapoğlu, Young Organized Industry Association President Canan Gurkan, Antalya Metal Craftsmen Tradesman Chamber President Mehmet Ali Gülaçtı, Region industrialists, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry me clis and committee members, Antalya Commodity Exchange Board and council members together with a large number of business people participated.MANUFACTURING AND PRODUCTIONIn his opening speech of the event, which took place with a very intense participation, Antalya OSB President Ali Bahar pointed out that the producer was treated as a stepchildren. Unfortunately, it is the step-son who produces today. We are the ones who are most affected by turbulence, providing employment and producing them. INDUSTRIAL PROBLEMSReferring to the problems facing industrialists, President Bahar said, azı Today, we use electricity and natural gas at a higher price than a house that is located next to our border. We are dealing with tens of cargoes over 40 percent. We emphasize in every platform that subsidized configurations in KGF and loans, industrialists in energy prices are prioritized, seniority and notice payloads are solved by means of funding, the idle, unpaid employment is taken on us, and the exporter should really be on the side. We explain how it is unfair for inflation to be made through CPI over the final product, this would lead to unfair competition, and that the producer national firms will put into a difficult situation. We demand the support to be applied not only to certain sectors and end product but also to export-oriented raw materials and intermediates entering into production.IT TOOK 3 HOURS After the President of the Spring Dr. Ozgur Demirtas, guests context of the presentation lasts about 3 hours, Turkey and the world economy, business life, gave quite striking and important information about R & D and innovation and advances in technology.