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The third leg of the trade delegation program organized by Antalya OSB with the cooperation of the Tabriz Ministry of Industry took place in Iran. Within the scope of the program, a total of 486 face-to-face interviews were held between the representatives of the leading industrial firms in Antalya and the leading firms of Iran.

Antalya Regional Directorate of Organized Industry and Iran's Ministry of Industry in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry was held in June. First of all, Antalya OIZ and Tabriz were taken under the spotlight and meticulously carried out. Following the study, the businessmen from Tabriz visited Antalya OSB companies in October and conducted face-to-face interviews with the industrialists of the region.


Antalya OSB industrialists' visit to the third stage of Tabriz, Antalya OSB Chairman of the Board of Directors was led by Ali Bahar. The delegation, consisting of 19 regional industrialists, attended the Meeting of Tabriz and Antalya Economy and Commercial Entrepreneurs held in Tabriz Governorship on the first day of the 3-day program, with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tabriz and representatives of the business world. Following the meeting, the industrialists of Antalya OSB, who visited the four major industrial plants of Tabriz, conducted a total of 218 face-to-face interviews with the officials of the leading companies in Tabriz.


Stating that the program is very full and efficient, President Bahar said, kısa The program, which was planned and executed in three stages in a short period of 5 months, was very productive for our region and industrialists. A total of 486 face-to-face interviews were held between the regional industrialists and the Tabriz business constructions and nearly 30 business agreements were signed. This is an important and important step in terms of increasing both our region and our country's exports. Although our export move seems to be a commercial gain, we believe that the friendship-based relations we have established during our contacts make a significant contribution to strengthening the ties between the two countries. We can reduce the costs and provide more added value to our country by providing wide cooperation in different areas besides economy and trade in Tabriz.


Deputy Governor of the province of Tabriz, indicating that they are ready to develop relations with Antalya. Cehangir of Ali, "has been consistently alongside each other as two friendly and neighboring countries, Iran and Turkey. In economic terms, Iran and Turkey in this period, they also leave behind some of the difficulties they encounter challenges through cooperation. In this context, we reiterate our call for Turkish entrepreneurs to cooperate with Iranian brothers, especially in East Azerbaijan.


Iranian and Turkish entrepreneurs biggest commercial problems of money and banking indicating that Iran and Turkey Joint Chamber of Commerce President Reza Kami, the familiar with the Antalya tourism Iranians but it is also important in the industry of the city and said that the development of bilateral relations. Kami, Turkey's technology, energy, cheap labor experts and Iranian and Turkish entrepreneurs can benefit their stated goals and interests.