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Antalya OSB The Most Successful Companies Award Ceremony held for the 8th time this year was the meeting point of the business world with Antalya protocol. Antalya OSB companies received a total of 47 awards in 13 branches.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2017 with the success of the firms that produce in 2017 was awarded the Antalya OSB 2017 Year of Most Successful Companies Award Ceremony, Regional Directorate Administrative Service Building was held in Atatürk Conference Hall. 47 awards in 13 categories were distributed to the Governor of Antalya Munir Karaloğlu, Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel, Antalya Science University Rector. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal, Antalya OSB Chairman Ali Bahar, Döşemealtı District Governor Cengiz Cantürk, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Tuğg. Tekin Aktemur, Provincial Police Director Mehmet Murat Ulucan, Chairman of the Board of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Association Hakkı Bahar, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Süleyman Özer, President of Antalyaspor Ali Şafak Öztürk, senior officials of public institutions and organizations, presidents of industrialists and businessmen associations important names of the business world, including members of the board of directors, participated intensively.


In his opening speech of the ceremony, Antalya OSB President Bahar mentioned the effects of the fluctuation process on the industrialists. Reminding that the dollar increased by 82 percent until August, Bahar said,, In this new era, those who think that they will bring this nation with kneeling with terrorism and their attempts to attack by means of financial attacks, they have suffered heavy losses in the battle they have taken over our economy. This was not only a heavy burden on us, but the industrialists. With such an increase, the production of 65 percent of a foreign-dependent industry, calculating the increase in input costs, breathing in the face of the result, let alone the world to compete, to save the day was almost impossible. But what happiness they did not succeed again. The balancing process of our state, our private sector and our nation became the only body. As a result of this engagement, an improvement has been seen in all economic indicators.


Without mentioning our current problems, I don't think that the rights of our industrialists who are entitled to the award will be delivered in full without telling us what these challenging conditions have been carried out, said Bahar. Stating that the companies are in liquidity problem at the moment, Bahar said, We have a serious liquidity problem which has left companies in a very difficult situation and we are concerned that this will continue to increase. Because the companies do not accept the same amount of collateral that they have done with the assets they have. The loans secured by the CGF as a solution to this have started to turn into rotates. Because the companies that spent the last year with a big fluctuation could not make a loan repayment because they could not make a profit. As liquidity problems in the markets will leave domestic firms in a difficult position, we think that measures should be taken urgently in January. For example, BRSA offers such an opportunity to construction companies and banks with the issuance of Asset Backed Securities. Therefore, the fact that the assets shown by the industrialist as collateral are not accepted as collateral in the real value is not an explanation that can be explained.