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President's Message

We all know that, beyond the pass ideals of contemporary civilization level of the enterprise vision of the Republic of Turkey, information and passes through a strong industry based on technology and therefore our efforts and our success as industrialists, not individual initiatives issue is purely a national matter. We continue our way with this belief.

As is known, in the last few years in our region, energy, refining, transportation, road, landscape, security infrastructure has been developed as an example.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone for the first time by opening a vocational high school, the most environmentally friendly and green OSB awards in an organized industrial zone. producing 100 thousand units per year seasonal flowers in their greenhouse and industrialists to transfer them in a way that distributes still is Turkey's first OSB.

As the Board of Directors, we are competing with ourselves in providing high quality substructure and superstructure services to our industrialist operating in our region. In order to create competitive conditions for the industrialists of our region, we continue our policy of providing quality and low cost, continuous and uninterrupted service.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone valuable industrialists with only export success story by not only expanded our region, it has invested in Turkey's future by providing employment. That's why all our industrialists deserve all kinds of praise. These enterprises in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone have opened a new page in our city's qualified growth.

All these positive developments are the result of the projects realized with the understanding of serving the industrialist within the framework of the laws and legal rules by thinking with industrialist logic. Organized Industrial Zone as a guest from the model in Turkey "Here Antalya, Antalya's industrial center work here," we proudly proudly we let us show. This power does not come from today. It comes from the past, our previous presidents, our previous boards of directors, our Entrepreneur members and our experienced industrialists. We continue to work with the same love and enthusiasm to develop this trust we have received and to give Antalya an industrial vision. Ali Bahar. 

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Chief Executive Officer Vice Chairman Chairman of the Board