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Antalya OSB and Antalya OSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School organized in cooperation with the Open Door Festival, the students produced products that will make high school students with secondary school students were introduced to the regional industrialists.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate organized the second of the Open Door Festival, which was introduced to the regional industrialists, with the products produced by the students who were studying at the Antalya OIZ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, and prepared to make the choice of high school. In the school garden, the event was performed by the Mayor of. And the Chairman of the National Education Directorate. Chairman Ahmet Kasapoğlu, Young Organized Industry Association (GOSD) Deputy Chairman Simay Şahinyılmaz, Antalya OSB Entrepreneur Committee and Board Members, Regional Director İlhan Metin, School Director Ramazan Katkıcı, Organized Industry Human Resources Group President Ayşe Sümbüloğlu and Regional Industrialists participated.


About a thousand people participated in the festival, which was organized in order to show the privileges of vocational high schools to secondary school students who would prefer high school and to form a bridge between the industrialists and the students. In addition to the vocational high school students, AKE Elevator, Kristal Industrial, TSF Plastik, Sümbüloğlu Machinery, PSL Electronics, Ottoman Coffee House, Fipol, Anadolu Reklam and Seçil Bayrak exhibited their booths and exhibited their products. Antalya OSB Chairman Ali Bahar and Dosemealti District Governor Cengiz Canturk started with speeches.


Stating that they are working to improve the quality of education given in the school, Mayor Bahar said, artır It is our greatest desire that the young people who study here will grow up in line with the needs of the day and the future, and specialize in the profession they receive. Based on the fact that the coming age our young population within 15 years, we educate them to make qualified individuals in the light of science, it is one of the most important steps to be taken towards a stronger Turkey. We must strengthen the young people we will entrust our future and our achievements so that our country can reach more beautiful future. This is the responsibility of all of us.


After the speeches, the members of the protocol, who cut the opening ribbon of the exhibition area, visited the booths with District Governor Cantürk and President Bahar and informed the students about the products they produced. The students, who had a pleasant day in the playground established in the festival area, were given gifts according to the degrees they obtained in the tournaments.