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The Antalya OSB has implemented a project that will respond to the in-service training needs of organized industrial zones and municipal fire departments.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate and Antalya Science University fellowship, Ministry of National Education approved supplier organization in cooperation with the service to be carried out in the project, fire department personnel competencies training and certification processes will be carried out under the coordination of the Regional Directorate. Training will be given to the firefighters about the basic requirements of the profession by academicians and certification services will be provided.


A protocol was signed between Antalya Bilim University and Antalya OSB to implement the training and certification processes in accordance with the procedure. A signing ceremony held in Antalya where Science University. Dr. İsmail Yüksek and Antalya OSB Chairman Ali Bahar attended.


Giving information about the content of the training program, Mayor said: eğitim Antalya OSB Education has established a brand value that is ready to provide service in the national sense with its service quality and has become a center to answer the common educational needs that will provide support to OSBs. The training and certification services in the municipalities and the OSBs having problems in supplying the fire brigades will be provided systematically and regularly in 2019 with the cooperation of our Regional Directorate, in the Regional Directorate Training Halls and fire brigades application area in 2019.


Emphasizing that Antalya OSB is a project center, Bahar said, olmak In the 4th year of the mobilization we have initiated, we have the resources to provide our services to the national platform and to meet the training needs of all OSBs, We are extremely pleased. Our needs analysis is also an indicator of sector needs in the national sector. Ime We believe that the investments and supports we will make professionally in education in the light of the data determined as a result of the analyzes will provide important benefits to our country.


Antalya Science University and Antalya Organized Industrial Zone between the representative of a wall that draws attention to the Rector of Science University of Antalya. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, "We are always working with the university and industry. We are very happy to be able to provide the necessary support to our industrialists with this training protocol that we have made today".