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Foreign Trade


To increase the competitiveness of our participants in the global market by conducting activities that will enable AOSB participants to export their products to all around the world, therefore providing benefits to our country's economy in terms of investment and employment. 


AOSB 'active participants in our export movement has accelerated its exports to act, given the necessary support by analyzing the points needed to be developed in order to expand existing export channels. 

AOSB participants have been found in the past, export initiatives from but exports continuity could not provide firms and also with export potential of the product but does not have in any export venture our company, to identify any gaps by examining the company structure and establishing the necessary infrastructure for export. 

AOSB our participants explored the overseas exhibition will provide commercial benefits "Sectoral Trade Delegation Program" to carry out the necessary work to be covered. Determining the points to be visited within the scope of the program before the fair, creating the preliminary delegation program and conducting the visits. Supporting the negotiations by participating in these fairs together with the delegation during the Sectoral Trade Delegation Program. 

AOSB our participants for one or more countries from the Buyer Mission Program organized by the importing companies brought together officials of our participants and provide the necessary negotiations. 

To follow up the sectoral developments in the field of exportation on the necessary media organs and to inform the relevant sector participants about the developments. 

Will give direction to our participants in the field of export; organizing training, conferences, seminars and export summits

To announce the delegation programs organized by other institutions / organizations other than AOSB and which are thought to contribute to the commercial initiatives of our participants, to follow up the related institutions.

To follow up the changes made in the ini Foreign Trade Legislation ve and to inform the relevant sector participants about the changes