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Turkey's top universities in studying engineering faculty students' internship, enable them to do in Antalya OSB firm, Young OSD aimed at providing solutions to qualified personnel problems, began to work with the first student team consists of 15 people.

Young Organized Industrial Association (GencOSD), Antalya OSB companies to provide solutions to the need for qualified staff gave the start of the Internship Project. Turkey's top 15 best universities in the training of students studying engineering faculty, Antalya OSB firms to do in order to provide a comprehensive program that prepares association board members, identified 15 students out of 350 applicants made. 15 students admitted to the program started their internship with a ceremony held in Antalya OSB Regional Directorate. Within the scope of the internship program, students will be provided with a close examination of the Region's companies and production processes and will contribute to their personal development.


Providing information about the project, the General Secretary of GençOSD, Elçin Ekici Öztürk said, “The lack of skilled workforce is a common problem of our members and regional industrialists. Young people of our city go to good universities after high school graduation but they evaluate the job opportunities in the cities where they are educated. The young people who return to Antalya and participate in business life are really few. Our youth is not aware of the potential in Antalya. We want these young people to meet with the Antalya industry and our companies to see the potential here. In the future, we invite them to employ in regional companies.


Öztürk stated that this year, students in engineering faculties were included in the project, and students from different fields would be accepted in the coming years. Our students will gain experience in all 5 companies included in the project as well as the companies they do internship. We planned technical trips for each company's operational process from procurement to final product. We think that the information they will acquire in different sectors will benefit the decisions of the business life. In addition, training programs on innovation and efficiency, CV preparation and interview techniques, work analysis and work study, and performance in engineering were prepared. We want to meet the qualified labor force with our regional firms, as well as the separation of students with maximum benefit at the end of the internship period.


Noting that the project is an important step towards creating more added value, Ali Bahar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antalya OSB, said: While the migration of highly educated workforce from one region may adversely affect the economic and social development of that region, attracting the highly educated workforce of another region will make a great contribution to the social and economic development of the region and make it more advantageous. Increasing the welfare level of our country's people and improving the quality of life depends on the increase of our ability of science, technology and invention. This can only be achieved by trained minds. The most important investment is invested in educated people. We can only increase our level of welfare by producing technology. We can achieve this by giving the necessary importance to science, technology, R & D and trained brain power. Therefore, the activities of the Young Organized Industry Association in this area are very valuable and solution oriented. The internship program project is an important step that will enable us to bring these precious minds to our region and create more added value.