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07 Pan-El-San

07 PANELSAN was established in 1998 on an area of ​​15.000 m2 in AOSB. It is a well-established company that aims to provide business customers with outstanding employees, to provide reliable, high quality, economical solutions to its customers and to contribute to the country's economy through its renewed product range. In the panel category of the product range: control, counter, distribution, construction site, compensation and transformer board, panels and cabinets. Our company is the biggest producer of sheet metal in our country, but also exports its products to Iraq, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Today it is the regional leader in the production of fire doors and warehouse and shelving systems under the brand RAFGE. 07PANELSAN In 2015, the solar module entered the infrastructure manufacturing sector. As of 2016, it aims to complete the project of solar farms.


Export Countries

Iraq Turkmenistan Uzbekistan

Üretim Kapasitesi: 1.267.850 kg