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Aksoylar Inş. Mak. Elek. Yapı. Malz. Zirai Donanım Taah. Tic.

Aksoylar Group; In 1971, the company started the industry with an electric-coil workshop, and nowadays, it is still considering that its customers deserve the best in submersible motor-submersible pump manufacturing, electricity, drilling and construction. The company, which has been contributing to the national economy and agriculture for many years, was founded in 1996 by Aksoylar Ltd. Sti. continues its activities. Choosing the right product, pre-sales and use of technical service support in the right to provide complete and complete the principle of providing customers without compromising on quality and service. While providing modern equipment and vehicle park and air and rotary drilling services, construction and construction services as well as various public and private institutions are doing tender works. Aksoylar Group also carries out all kinds of electrical contracting, A.G.-O.G high voltage transformer and contracting works. The company, which is ready to continue production with modernized facilities renewed in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone; aims to be a brand in the sector.