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Altıntar Tarım A. Ş

ALTINTAR was established in 1988 by Rahmi Büyükballı in Antalya for the purpose of marketing plant b (plant nutrition) products in general. It is engaged in a wide range of activities in the field of leaf fertilizers, drip irrigation fertilizers, plant growth regulators and pesticides. ALTINTEN is, all of its products in the promotion and training of farmers by giving importance to a large degree, he has done extensive work for the progress of agriculture in Turkey. These studies continue to increase. In the years when Turkey started to be used widely in the drip irrigation system, in a conscious way and to have widespread use of drip irrigation and fertilizer ALTINTEN have been found to contribute substantially. It has also led to the introduction of high quality Drip Irrigation Fertilizers and many innovations in agriculture into our country. ALTINTAR, always keeping the quality and service in the foreground, has started to import the highest quality products of world famous companies since 1995. These products, which give excellent results in terms of productivity increase, quality and durability in the regions where they are used, are seen in great demand by proving their superiority. Since 1997, ALTINTAR has started to establish regional offices and head dealerships in order to spread these imported products all over the country. Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara, Çukurova and Central Anatolia regions were completed. Apart from these regions, it serves with the head dealership system throughout the country.