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Çimsan Tarımsan Ürünler Inş. Taah. Ve San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Established in 1996, Çimsan T.C has the status of "Private Sector Agricultural Research Establishment" granted by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Within the scope of its main activity; Agricultural fertilizers, Grass seed, Grass and Sapling feeding fertilizers, Industrial oily (Canola), Fodder crops import, production and trade are included. Output Thomsen, the world's largest manufacturers of fertilizer on The Andersons to Turkey, the Turkish Republic and is the sole distributor in 23 countries, mainly in the Middle East. It also carries out R & D promotion and marketing activities of high quality slow release fertilizers in these countries. Also grass, grass and fodder crops Barenbrug of companies, a world leader in seed and again in peat Turkey distributor of the German market is the world leader Plantafl peat. Çimsan is in close contact with the leading fertilizer producers in the world and follows the developments in the sector and reflects these developments to Turkish Farmers instantly. Taking the potential of rapidly developing Agricultural Sector and Plant Nutrients into consideration in our country, Çimsan has reached a position in 2005 by purchasing Türpex A.Ş, which makes production and marketing of plant nutrients in Antalya. Çimsan, which has been growing rapidly in the sector with its breakthroughs in a short time, has moved to its high technology factory established in 5000 m2 in 2nd section of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. With the investments made in recent years, Çimsan has become one of the leading European producers by increasing its liquid production from 6.000 tons to 20.000 tons and powder and granule production from 25.000 tons to 50.000 tons. Çimsan Drip irrigation fertilizers have a wide range of products, single and multiple microelements, organic and amino acid fertilizers, gel-like bucket fertilizers, and more importantly, the product has a new perspective on the production of fertilizer (granule, powder and liquid).Çimsan Istanbul fulfills its responsibilities to the Turkish Farmer at the highest level by organizing meetings, seminars and demonstrations for education with the Regional Directorates in İzmir and Antalya and the Distributor and Authorized Dealer organization spread throughout the country. Acting on the principle that customer satisfaction is the greatest value, Çimsan carries its service quality with each passing day with its strong and trustworthy corporate structure and its expert and friendly staff.