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Elit Tarım Tic. Ve San. Ltd. Şti.

"Leader in the sector from 1995" to the present day "Elit Tarım" "Founded in 1995 and since 1999, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone 5,000 m2 of organic and organomineral solid and liquid fertilizer production and marketing ELİT TARIM, 12 thousand tons of annual solid, It has a significant share in the market with its liquid fertilizer production capacity of 6 thousand tons. The company started to invest in a second facility on an area of ​​25.000 m2 and aims to increase the storage capacity of raw materials and finished products by 10 times with the new production facility. With this investment, Elit Tarım will also take an important step in the production of certain products that will be the first in the market. Elit Tarım, which has been focusing on marketing and promotion activities for the past two years, is expanding its use of organic and organomineral fertilizers with each passing day. The company, which indicates that they produce whole plant protein based fertilizers and that they do not use animal waste, is preparing to enter the Middle East market this year. Elit Agriculture; is the first company in the world to succeed in granulating microorganisms of potassium sulfur by plant organic origin. Elit Agriculture; Today regional distributors and broad sense across the country to spread sales network in Turkey Although the objectives in the best way to reach the manufacturer anywhere, in foreign markets with ambitious product and dynamic structure aims to become a more efficient company.