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Lider Gübre Tarım Üretim Ve Pazarlama Sanayi Ticaret Limited

Our company was founded in 2008 to develop Turkey's agricultural productivity, AOSB Part 1 continues to operate in the area of ​​6000 m2. Our field of activity is chemical and organic fertilizer production. Our company's founding philosophy includes the principles of openness, transparency, honesty, mutual respect, commitment to ethical values, environmental awareness and social responsibility. As a manufacturer of goods and services, Lider Fertilizer has responsibilities towards its customers, employees, society and the environment. Corporateity, technology, motivation of employees and customer satisfaction constitute the main axis of activities. We have 100 kinds of registered products from the Ministry of Agriculture. Of these, 21 of them have trademark registration and 3 of them have Organic Agriculture certificate. Our company has been offering the modern service with the aim of iy Always Better ’inci with the awareness that perfection is hidden in detail without compromising its quality since its existence. Continuously improving the quality standards in the industry, the market in the 'Leader' company is moving towards the goal. In order to achieve this goal, it gives priority to providing customer confidence and satisfaction. Our company has been constantly renewing itself since its establishment and has been growing in the agricultural sector is moving forward with confident steps.